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Like many students in smaller cities, I too have many dreams; a good job, career and lots of success. But, did not know “how to achieve them”. Then, one of my professor recommended me to connect with mentors on Over a period of few months, I got excellent guidance from Industry mentors.  Live mentoring with Industry mentors helped me lot.  I am not only going through an excellent and enriching experience but also fully sure of achieving all my career dream.

I thank cxomentors and excellent mentors on its portal for their support.

Prashant Kumar MBA Student, Lovely Professional University

I am Ashim and working in mid management position in the domain of Finance and presently striving for a opportunity in Mid Level in the Corporate Sector but some how could not get thru the same and on top of it even could not identify my shortcomings and faulty actionable which has obviously made me feel low and depressed. Eventually with some close associate of mine , I was introduced to CXO Mentors Team and they assured to help me for career path finding session with great Mentor of the Industry. Subsequently I had a counselling session with Mr.Jeetendra Nair scheduled by CXO team ..In one word I would wrap up the mentoring session with Mr.Nair is “Awesome “. After the session i deeply felt I have missed something important in my life till now. He have not only identified the grey areas but also given valuable inputs to Excel..I am deeply moved and now I am confident that I will surely get success in my career with mentor like Mr.Jeetendra Nair …I would like to thanks the entire team of CXO Mentor for supporting me ..lastly my earnest urge to all my dear friends and career aspirants ..pls don’t read this insight as fairy tale this is my real life encounter. …pls come out of the situation if it does not give u inner happiness and peace ….CXO Mentor is there to show you promising path .

Ashim Banerjee AGM Finance, Shivalik Engineering Industries Limited